Ocean Restaurant

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726 Clement St

San Francisco, CA


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Category: Chinese

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June 29, 1997
Yardena A.
1 review
Not surprisingly, seafood is the specialty at this unpretentious, capable and busy neighborhood restaurant. It's obviously fresh: while waiting nearly half an hour on a Friday night, we watched kitchen personnel return periodically to the aquarium near the entrance to fill a plastic bucket with protesting shrimp, sea cucumbers and fish from the tank. The house special seafood soup, filled with small morsels of shrimp, scallop, tofu and other white sea creatures, was the perfect remedy to the early evening chill -- though, at $8.50, a bit pricey. The deep fried crispy shrimp appetizer was a delight -- light and crisp (none of that doughy stuff) and served with a yummy sweet and sour sauce. The Mongolian beef was the spiciest I've yet had, but still very tasty; the crystal scallops, served with a light cornstarch-thickened sauce and assorted vegetables, was less successful; they were simply too bland. Still, this is a great value for the money.
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