Main St Coffee Roasting

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1112 Main St

Redwood City, CA


Category: Cafe

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May 25, 1997
56939 reviews
This is a very pleasant, casual coffee shop in Downtown Redwood City. The place is clean, well organized and with pleasant clientele. The owners, Bob and Mona, split up the duties with Bob in charge of roasting coffee and general hosting in the PM, and Mona baking the pastries (Getting up at an ungodly hour every day), and managing in the AM. Mona's pastries are excellent, with the selection typically ranging from scones, thru muffins, to danish. All done daily. Fresh fruit cups are also available. The coffee is excellent. Bob roasts almost every day. Nice outside seating too, if you can handle the Caltrain roaring by every twenty minutes or so. Overall, quite a pleasant place. Check it out.
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