The Original Kasper's Hot Dogs

2 reviews

4521 Telegraph Ave

Oakland, CA

Category: Burgers

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June 20, 1998
Lexy G.
8 reviews
A favorite for many years. No fancy junk to hide the super dog. The meat is juicy and the dog sort of explodes out of its skin as you take your first bite. Another plus: an eclectic assortment of regional sodas (including Delaware Punch and Yoohoo). Used to carry Nesbit's, but I think those days have gone.
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April 11, 1996
Roger R.
5 reviews
What can you say about a hot dog stand that has been in business under the same proprietor for over 50 year. Today as I turn 65 I still go back to Oakland to order the same Hot Dog and Milk I ordered from the same man when I was in High School. He is serving Hot Dogs the same way every day and they taste as good today as they did then. Each hot dog is taken from the steamer and placed into a steam warmed bun, mustard and relish are added and fresh tomatoes are sliced and carefully placed on to the steaming hot dog. Fresh sweet onions and a dash of salt finish the process. It is carefully wrapped in paper napkins and handed to you fresh and hot from hands that have been doing this for more years that people can remember. The only difference between now and then is the Hot Dogs cost about 2.00 as opposed to 20 cents.
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