Mr Sushi

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532 Grand Ave

Oakland, CA

Category: Sushi

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March 7, 1997
56939 reviews
Good friendly service, great food (always fresh, even the non-sushi dishes). Dinners include miso soup and green salad with a wonderful orange-based dressing). I would and do recommend this restaurant to anyone, whether or not they have ever had sushi before. The tempura dishes are always fresh and crisp, not drowning in oil. The tempura batter is very light in texture and flavor. The sushi is always fresh, with a good sticky rice, and crisp seaweed wrapping. The sushi menu is easier to understand than at many sushi restaurants. Special sushi rolls include the spicy "dynamite" roll, and "spider roll", with soft-shell crab. Hand rolls (cones) are lower-priced than standard large rolls. The chicken and beef dishes are well prepared, not under- or over-cooked. One favorite is Beef negimaki, thin strips of beef in a sauce wrapped around green onions. There are vegetarian choices: one vegetarian friend of mine frequents the restaurant 2 - 3 times/week. The atmosphere is fr ... more
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