Tung Hsing House

2 reviews

Old Stage Rd

Spotswood, NJ


Category: Thai

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February 14, 2005
56939 reviews
For years I've come to this Chinese resturant, and the atmosphere may not be great, but the food is excellent (even if it's somewhat basic). Some Chinese resturants can't even cook Chinese food properly. This one does a an extradonary job! The waitors, or waitress, are very polite, and they do a very good job waiting on a table. The owner's wife, Mrs. Liu, is extremely polite, which makes it a wonderful dining experience. The General Tso's chicked is the BEST dish I have ever eaten there. Prices are decent, and usually are well worth the price. <br> Service: 93% Food: 96% Atmosphere: 85% <br> Overall Grade: A-
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May 3, 2000
Linda G.
Spotswood , New Jersey
2 reviews
This is the BEST Chinese restaurant ever! From the shrimp toast to the seasame shrimp, everything is cooked to perfection. Most of the time I order take out but the few times I've actually dined there, the wait staff was very polite & friendly. Friends & relatives from out of town that have tasted their food ask me to bring them some when I go to visit them. The won ton soup is one of the best I've tasted. The beef chow fon & the general tso's chicken great too!
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