Cafe Giardino

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125 Washington Valley Rd

Warren, NJ


Category: Cafe

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October 8, 2000
56939 reviews
Cafe Giardino offers a pizzeria thru one door and a nicely decorated room thru another. Fabulous gourmet pizza!! Terrific pasta and apps. Great for adults or families. It's run by a great family. We order out, eat there and have had 2 off-site catered parties. They have never let us down with price, service and unbelievable food. We had a table of toddlers eat Baked ziti Siciliano! Friendly staff, good prices, terrific pizza sauce and crust. Creative chef offers great specials. Local corporate types lined up every day for lunch! The first pizza we bought when we moved in, the only we continue to buy (after trying all the rest). Make sure you try the Bayonne Antipasta and the special white and red pies.
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