Addis Ethiopian Restaurant

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6100 Telegraph Ave

Oakland, CA

Category: Ethiopian

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May 1, 2004
Robert C.
Corpus Christi , Texas
227 reviews
So far, this is my overall favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the East Bay. Despite the horrendous service, the food is really, really excellent, the prices are almost embarrassingly low, and the honey wine is good and very strong. <br> The first time we came to eat here, we were left standing in the doorway for a very long time before we were seated, although there were several free tables. While we waited, everyone in the restaurant stared at us as though we had just crashed a family's private dinner party. Our food took forever to arrive, and it took almost as long to leave. The second time, we were treated a little bit better. The third time, we waited in the doorway for so long that the stares became excruciating and we gave up and left. On our fourth visit, however, we were seated immediately, the food came quickly, and there was no staring. So maybe it's an initiation sort of thing - once you've passed the test and proved that you love the ... more
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October 1, 1996
56939 reviews
Addis Ethiopian does basic Ethiopian food very well. There are only about six items on the menu, but they are all good. If you do not mind almost raw beef try the, darn I forgot the name, anyway it is very good. The vegetarian dishes are also excellent. The injera is the best I have had in the Bay Area, made with teff. The atmosphere is not very good, but the service is friendly. You will have no trouble getting seated as the restaurant is usually quite empty, a shame really as it is quite good.
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