Harvest Moon Brewery

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392 George St

New Brunswick, NJ


Category: Bar

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November 10, 2005
John T.
Hoboken , New Jersey
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I live about 35 minutes from the Harvest Moon Brewery/Cafe and could not disagree more with the last review. Firstly this website is called dine.com not beer.com. Secondly, you claim to be a beer afficionado but fail to realize that they recently had a Munich Dunkel on tap. As any "Beer 101" book will tell you that is a lager and completely different than a DunkelWeizen. This speaks volumes of your lack of knowledge and diminishes the value of your review. As for the food, the menu itself has evolved into a creative mix of selections, while still maintaining the old "stand by" bar items. The place is definitely worth a trip for both brew fans and foodies alike!
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October 11, 2005
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Beer enthusiasts...don't waste your time. The beer they brew is not very good. I got the sampler, and none of the 8 styles were even acceptable. Beginner homebrew quality. The bartender needed a course in Beer 101. A girl next to me wanted a Hefeweizen, which they did not have. The bartender told her that a Belgium Saison was the closest thing, even though they had a Dunkelweizen on tap. The food is just ok and service was bad. However, the facility and location is very nice. A word of advice to the owner, PLEASE work on perfecting your beers. If you can't afford a reputable brewer, there are plenty of great books on specific beer styles. If you brew good beer, you will increase your business. This place has potential. New Jersey needs more GOOD brewpubs.
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September 2, 2003
Brian B.
Parsippany , New Jersey
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You do not go here to eat food. I don't even know if they serve food. But they have great live music, and the best beer selection in town. They even have their own brews.
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