Granny Eng's Donut & Bakery

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295 Lake Merced Blvd

Daly City, CA

Category: Bakery

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July 20, 2005
Nancy S.
San Francisco , California
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Unfortunately, with the remodelling of the Westlake Shopping Center, Granny Eng's is not in existance, but hopefully they will return when the shopping center is completed. This little "hole in the wall" place has been serving up muffins and donuts for many years and they are good, but not exceptional. Seems they must have a following though or they would have closed long ago. Years ago they had donut holes which were quite good, always fresh, but I don't think they can compare to Krispy Kreme donuts. The muffins are very good though and I would recommend them if the store ever reopens.
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