Renee's French Restaurant & De

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839 E Westfield Blvd

Indianapolis, IN


Category: French

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February 7, 2004
Eli C.
Hampton , Virginia
75 reviews
Renee's brings to mind a small family cafe au le Rue de Champs Elysees. It is somewhat cramped inside, but they do have an outside area. Do not bring small children, as they will starve. The cuisine is very authentic central French dining, with a wide selection of soups, sandwiches, and veal. The food is presented in a very European style, with a cheese course after the appetizer. I reccomend the escargot, although snail is not something most people would even imagine eating. Thier shining glory, at least in my opinion, is thier bakery and patissirie. They have a fine selction of breads and cakes, as well as croissonts and lighter baked goods. My reccomendation is to order some fine provencal wine, with escargots, a brie round with apple slices, and a croque madame with duck soup with boule bread. Finish off with some gateau blanc and a cafe au lait.
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