Mee Yee Lin

2 reviews

3090 W. Alameda

Denver, CO


Category: Dim Sum

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January 12, 1997
Joseph C.
7 reviews
Where does one start when reviewing one of the best 'authentic' Chinese restaurants in Denver? 3 menus are available, a 'standard Americanized Chinese menu', the 'authentic Chinese menu', and the 'dim sum' menu. If you don't ask, you may wind up getting that Americanized menu. For a special treat, show up Saturday around the noon hour to sample those delectable bite size morsals called dim sum, which means 'from the heart'. Once you try those steamed, baked or fried goodies made of wonderfully flavored meats and veggies, you will see what I mean. Their dinner specials are equally delightful. Try the crispy noodles with shrimp, or perhaps you might try their salt baked chicken. The mussels prepared with black bean sauce is out of this world. Be daring to return and try other items on the menu that sound appealling, such as their eggplant casserole, a delicious entree served in a bubbling clay hot pot. Mee Yee Lin was recently taken over by a family that aims to please. Don't be ... more
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August 26, 1996
Cris R.
10 reviews
One of the best for Dim Sum. Fresher and of higher quality than some of their big brothers down the street, i.e. Empress or China Jade. Just make sure you bring cash or check because they don't take credit cards.
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