Fondue Fred

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2556 Telegraph Ave

Berkeley, CA


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March 14, 2000
Mark E.
23 reviews
If you want to remember what it was like to be a student and treat yourself to a restaurant meal, this is the place. The fondues are simple, the bread slightly stale, the cheese cake from Sarah Lee, the beer in pitchers. You get a lot for your money, people leave you alone (bad service? laid back service?) and you can pig out and get drunk and a little loud without any grief. This place is around 4 blocks from the Berkeley campus on telegraph. Black tie this is not. Student food it is.
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September 23, 1997
56939 reviews
Our party of 4 went to Fred's last Saturday evening and while we found the food decent (if unremarkable), the service was some of the worst I have encountered lately. Unfortunately, they were horribly understaffed and so we not only wasited 15 minutes for menus, once we placed our order (for wine as well as food), it took them another 20 minutes to bring out our salads, our wine didn't arive until 40 minutes after we had ordered it and the the main course a half hour after that! We weren't sure what was taking so long since we ordered simple cheese fondues not intricate 5 course meals. To stave of dehydration (it was very warm in the restaurant) we had to go our in search of our own water and finally hijacked a pitcher for the table since we had no hope of our water glasses ever being refilled. But since we were out to have a good time, we drank our wine and laughed it off. I would try this place again but probably not on a Friday or Saturday evening.
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November 13, 1996
London W.
6 reviews
Fondue? I would liken it more to cheeze whiz. This is a cheap food, cheap wine eatery, mostly catering to college students on a budget. The service was unbelievably slow;We thought our waiter had left for the night. The atmosphere is charming, the restaurant has a few indoor tables, and some "outdoor" tables, that are actually under the roof of the shopping mini mall, that the restaurant is located. The feel is picnic, casual and pleasant. We tried a sampleing of fondues, the worst being the most expensive on the menu, the "beef" fondue, which consisted of tough tastless meat sauteed in butter. The salad, bread, and cheescake were just as cheap and tasteless, and basically un-eadable. It seems the only way to enjoy this place, is to get good and drunk, like most of the tables next to us.Good thing we brought our sense of humor along, as Fondue Fred became one of our most hilariouse restaurant experiences yet!
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