Tutti Vous

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348 Bloomfield Avenue

Montclair, NJ


Category: American

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April 25, 2010
56939 reviews
Friends of mine and I were walking down the street when we spotted this new restaurant on Bloomfield ave. We decided to give it a shot since the restaurant was offering 10% discount as an opening promotion (still is for limited time I think). Where do I begin? I haven't come across a trendier cafe/restaurant in Montclair so far. It was flared up in red and black colors and the dim lighted ambience, eradiated a very sexy vibe. The music system couldn't have been better. They played latest and the catchiest songs. They also offered free Wi-Fi and Karaoke! The waiting staff was very friendly and professional and the owner Michael Mancino (I think) was really sweet and funny.Most importantly, the food was PHENOMENAL!! And surprisingly affordable! (Being a student, every penny counts) Everything that we ordered turned out to be so delicious that we requested to meet the chef. I must admit I haven't tasted food so delicious; I cannot wait to try everything they have on their simp ... more
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