Morocco's Restaurant

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86 N. Market Street

San Jose, CA


Category: Moroccan

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May 13, 2008
56939 reviews
Newly opened restaurant, Morocco’s, is adding some spice to the South Bay dining scene. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown San Jose at 86 N. Market St., between Santa Clara and St. John, Morocco’s features authentic Moroccan cuisine infused with an urban California twist. Moroccan cuisine, which evolved for over a millennium from a variety of influences and is designated as the world’s third finest cuisine possesses an intricate mix of spices with a unique sweet/savory combination unlocked by slowly braising the dish for several hours. Morocco’s Restaurant will feature dishes prepared with this ancient method, also known as Tagine, as well as items that have been fused with a modern California flair. One of the traditional dishes offered at Morocco’s will be their Chicken Tagine, which is slowly braised chicken seasoned with a subtle combination of ginger, white pepper and garlic and served with olives and homemade Moroccan preserved lemons, or the already popular ... more
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