Secret Garden

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721 Lincoln Way

San Francisco, CA


Category: British Pub

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August 2, 2007
Nancy S.
San Francisco , California
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This is a pretty new (4 years old) English tea house right in San Francisco. It is charming. I am a fan of another English tea house in San Francisco called Lovejoy's, but this one is very nice also. Parking is the main problem near this place, right across from Golden Gate Park and in the very popular 9th and Irving eating and shopping area. Anyway, the tea choices are not as plentiful as Lovejoys, but we ended up having a vanilla tea which was quite good. We chose the "Bedford's Delight" which was a tea service which included 6 seasonal tea sandwiches which were quite good, a scone with devonshire cream and jam (we ordered a second scone for $3.95 as there were 2 of us), one tiny little "savory" which appeared to me to be a phyllo dough with some sort of meat mixture inside (quite good), and either the dessert of the day or "mini tea pastries" which we chose. It consisted of a tiny, tiny napoleon, a cream puff, a fruit cake and a date/chocolate b ... more
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