Portobello Grill

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875 Middlefield Rd.

Redwood City, CA


Category: Grill

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July 6, 2007
Veronica P.
redwood city , California
1 review
Although the service is excellent (the waiter and seating and fast service) the food was a huge disappointment, the skirt streak was dry, the calamari had whole pepper corns making it inedible with a surprise (there was a piece of a cinnamon stick-that wasn't part of the menu) the salmon (raw, which seems to be a common occurrence) alfredo and went sent back it returned burned and also inedible, the sole and the mash potatoes had no flavor, and their martini's were watered down. This place gets a half star, they say all new businesses fail within the first year and with the inexperienced chef that they have they are lucky if they last even that. I do not recommend this place for people who know what quality food is, a fancy name doesn’t make a fancy restaurant!
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