B Restaurant

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499 Ninth Street

Oakland, CA


Category: Bistro

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April 10, 2007
Greg M.
Fresno , California
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B Restaurant was the most expensive meal I had in Oakland, but then again I splurged shamelessly. After three (yes, three) Bombay Sapphires, I ordered a half-dozen of B's Wings and the Roasted Gamehen. B's Wings are cooked in duck fat until they literally fall apart, and are coated in a citrusy-tangy sauce that is not spicy until one bites into the little thai chili slices tossed in, then look out! The roasted gamehen was outstanding, juicy and full of flavor - I greedily ate the whole thing. When my waiter came by to ask the ubiquitous "anything for dessert?", I felt the need for a little something sweet. I received a little cup of the most outstanding blood orange sorbet I have ever had (and this is one of the things that I make for myself on occasion). Ohyeah, heaven in a cup! Gods, I do not know what got into me, but I was in such a happy mood that I asked for a Remy Martin to go with my sorbet. Final price - $70, but it was entirely worth it! now I will have to e ... more
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