Cheeseburger in Paradise

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1705 W. Mcgalliard

Muncie, IN


Category: Caribbean

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October 14, 2006
56939 reviews
Great Food, Cool Cocktails and Live Music... Escape to Paradise. Jimmy Buffett's famous song comes to life at Cheeseburger In Paradise. "I LIKE MINE WITH LETTUCE AND TOMATO, HEINZ FIFTY-SEVEN AND FRENCH-FRIED POTATOES." But before there was a song, there was a story. It’s not a story that’s meant to change your view of life; it’s simply the tale of a couple of hungry sailors lost at sea. Once upon a time, a sailboat cruising south through the Caribbean ran into a huge storm. The boat and the crew were tossed about for days by the wind and waves. Finally, the storm passed, but the boat was broken and the crew hadn’t eaten in days (a major problem on a boat). They needed repairs, recreation and food. After several water-logged days, the crew finally spotted land on the horizon. It was too good to be true. Not only had they found a place to fix their boat, but as they neared the island, they also spotted a party on the beach. A steel band played, b ... more
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