Cafe Z Epicerie

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262 Bon Air Shopping Center

Greenbrae, CA


Category: Bistro

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April 17, 2006
Thomas S.
San Francisco , California
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Psssttt! Secret revelation time. Fairly new place in Greenbrae, Bon Air Shopping center, to the left of Molly Stone's supermarket. French Bistro cafe for Brunch thru 9 PM dinner. Food here is of the highest order at amazingly reasonable prices. Better than 95% of the French Bistros in the city, really. Better than 90% of the bistros is Paris. Fresh breads, Fresh mesclun salads. Tuna Nicoise is perfect. Grilled anything is sublime. Ambience is shopping center - deli - walk up and order. Bottled drinks in the glass cooler behind the cash register. Beer and wine license. Order at the register, they'll bring to your outdoor patio table. Bask in the sun. I've eaten here 6 times since they opened in late 2005. Simply amazed how good it is every visit. This small shopping center has higher dollar sales volume than any other in Marin, including the Corte Madera monster mall. Drive your Mercedes, wear a cardigan to fit in.
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