Sinbad Restaurant & Grill

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150 East 4th Ave

San Mateo, CA


Category: Lebanese

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March 12, 2006
Fadi M.
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Let me break down real simple. There is no more authentic Lebanese/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food in the entire Bay Area. I have been living in the Bay Area for over 25 years, and I have tried every "Mediterranean" restaurant, cafe, deli I have encountered, and by far, there is nothing that even comes close to the food in that region when it comes to authenticity, other than Sinbad's. Many of the places that open up in the US try to tailor to the average joe/jane, altering the recipes, thinking it will make it more appealing, or less alien to the average American. There are few who don't, but unfortunately for them, their culinary talents or food quality also sucks. What I like about Sinbad's is not only are they the most authentic I have come across, but they also the cleanest place who's friendly staff and generous owner cut no corners when preparing the food. You can get Hummus and Falafel just about anywhere today, but you cannot get home s ... more
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January 4, 2006
56939 reviews
The best Lebanese home cooking in all northing California
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