Bj's Restaurant & Brewery

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1150 El Camino Real

San Bruno, CA


Category: American

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November 20, 2005
Nancy S.
San Francisco , California
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I am so pleased that a BJ's opened near SF. I have gone many times to the BJ's down near UCLA in Westwood and love it. This BJ's in San Bruno opened a couple months ago and it's very hard to get into on a Friday or Saturday night, but otherwise it's a huge restaurant with plenty of seating. There is a very large menu, so even the pickiest of eaters can find something to eat, and like. I have tried all sorts of things from pizzas to sandwiches, to just about everything in between and have liked it all. Portions are large and filling. They have pizza, pasta, stuffed potatoes, sandwiches, chicken, etc etc. The list goes on and on. They also are a brewery and have tons of beers on the menu, along with any drink you could possibly want. The best thing about BJ's is the PIZZOKIE...a very fresh, warm from the oven large cookie with ice cream on it. Go for that if nothing else! Yummy!
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