Ono Hawaiian Grill

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3048 N. Cabrillo Hwy

Half Moon Bay, CA


Category: Hawaiian

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March 13, 2005
56939 reviews
I guess to understand why this place is SO popular one must be a meat eater because as a vegetarian or my hubby who is a Salmon eating vegetarian, this place is below average. I have taken my friend here and hubby and both times I ordered the Yokisoba noodle dish w/ veggies and tofu. W/ this dish there's a choice of about 5 sauces in which I have chosen 3 each time and each time the sauces are completely flavorless and bland and this time I asked for the Hot Garlic sauce which was so fricken unbearable hot it completely masked any other possible flavors that may had lingered. My throat and stomach were on fire and I can usually take spicy foods! Just pure hot w/ zero flavor. W/ the noddle dish you get so much that you can have about 6-8 full size meals from it! It's about 3 pounds of noodles not counting the veggies. A bit insane if you ask me. Hubby got the Salmon special which was just grilled salmon & he said it was dry and flavorless and that was around $1 ... more
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