Blow Fish

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14th and Glisan I Think?

San Francisco, CA

Category: Sushi

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September 28, 2003
David N.
Chicago , Illinois
50 reviews
I have not had all the sushi in San Fran but I have been to a few places and this is the best. It is not the best value but it is the most creative and has far and away the best ambience. It is located in the Warehouse district and standsout amidst all the older buildings. Inside it is very trendy with an anime theme. The giant video screens show anime(sometimes pornographic) and techno beat streams from the speakers. Lookaround and see the beautiful people of San Fran being trendy. It can be a long wait for a table but it is worth it. The menu options are creative and different but the fish is always fresh. The only draw back can be the price but if you are making enough to live in San Fran it should not be an issue for you.
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