The Big Mango

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126 Edds Lane

Sterling, VA


Category: Thai

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June 10, 2005
56939 reviews
My wife and I visited this restaurant the week it opened, and loved it so much that we went back twice more the same week! We still go at least once a month, and frequently get take-out if we can't both get there for some reason. The menu includes many of the traditional Thai dishes that you would expect, but also has a number of excellent 'fusion' dishes, that reflect a blend of Thai and other cuisines. Portions are sized so that some people will be able to enjoy an appetizer and/or soup and an entree without being too stuffed to have room for dessert - although I have never managed more than two courses! The service is friendly and attentive. The decor is worthy of note, with interesting works of art that change from time to time. The background music is an eclectic and non-intrusive mix which matches my tastes perfectly. The ambient noise level is such that you don't have to shout in order to communicate with other members of your party, lik ... more
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June 3, 2004
David B.
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Stumbled across Big Mango on the way to the landromat, and was happily surprised. <br> Exceptionally good tasting food -- very good balance of spices and ingredients, and the ambiance of the restaurant is excellent: quiet flute music, great art. Perfect place to take a first date that you actually want to talk to. <br> Service is attentive w/o being obnoxious, but does have a small language barrier, so patiently pointing to what you want will win every time (some French or Vietnamese will help if you know it). <br> Biggest downside: portions are sized for small Thai people. It's beautiful presentation, but a little more volume would be a welcome addition.
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