Tomato Cafe

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1143 San Carlos Avenue

San Carlos, CA


Category: Cafe

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July 29, 2001
Steve D.
139 reviews
This place has a cool, hip atmosphere. Nice tomato and pesto sauces, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and other goodies on the shelf for sale. Wine Spectator magazines to read while waiting for your order. They make the best veggie sandwich I ever had. The sandwiches are made to your specifications and not a cheese slice more. It's great. It's fresh. It's served w/a smile. Definitely better than le Le Boulanger chain down the block, which kept insisting they gave me Provolone instead of Jack cheese. I guess they think their customers have no tastebuds. Anyways, Tomato Cafe is definitely cooler and tastier than its adjacent restaurants, which taste like crap. Wanna nice sandwich/deli meal? Go to Tomato Cafe! Say no to Le Boulanger. They BoulanSuck. While you're at Tomato Cafe waiting for your tasty treat, tell them to open on Sundays. geez.
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