Bistro At Lafayette Park Hotel

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3287 Mt Diablo Blvd

Lafayette, CA


Category: Bistro

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June 9, 2002
Michael G.
Walnut Creek , California
214 reviews
This place has nice pub food, and very good drinks (best martini in Contra Costa). The service is excellent. The pub food menu is a bit limited, but good. For a very quick little meal, we stop in often.
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June 29, 2001
Sharon D.
Lafayette , California
166 reviews
This is the "casual" offering at the Lafayette Park hotel. I was a little dubious as I thought the food would reflect the captive audience of the hotel guests. What a nice surprise! Although the room was full the waitress came by our table several times to check to see if we needed anything. Nice selection of straightforward favorites - woodfired indivual pizzas, roasted chicken, gourmet hamburgers, roasted eggplant sandwich -- exactly what you would expect from a Bistro. And, the manager came over and said "I noticed someone didn't like their pizza -- what was wrong?" My friend, startled, said she only ate half because it was a little oily for her taste. He INSISTED on taking it off the bill saying she should not have to pay for what she didn't like. They get 5 stars for service, 4 stars for food. I can't remember the last time that happenned. Anyway, stop by if you are on the East end of Lafayette.
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