Mimis Cafe

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2208 Bridgepointe Parkway

San Mateo, CA


Category: Family

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June 14, 2000
Jim T.
Anaheim , California
441 reviews
This has to be one of the most pleasant family dining type restaurants in the area. They have great food. Their waiters and waitresses are all young and sometimes aren't as professional as I would like, but they all are trained by Mimi's and are all very courteous. Among the food items that are great here are their "Pot Roast", it's just outstanding. They have a 1000 Island dressing that I've never found anything close to anywhere else. They serve a great "French Onion Soup" daily and on Fridays they have the "Best Clam Chowder" around. Visit their website to get some free recipes. Try their breakfasts which are all great. They even have a healthy "Vegetarian Omelette" made with egg substitute for the healthy conscious. Their children's menu is great, so bring the kids.
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