La Salsa Restaurant

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1830 Redwood Highway

Corte Madera, CA


Category: Burritos

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May 17, 2000
Bernard H.
San Jose , California
205 reviews
i've been to @ least 5 la salsa locations in my life: oakland city center, corte madera village mall, sf cali4nia st. @ polk, san diego horton plaza, n' lax airport. eh, they're mostly 'bout the same; but the 1 in lax airport is not as good as the others. i think the horton plaza location was the best. neway, this 1... ah, marin county... authentic mexican fud in marin county? uh... ha ha. 'least not @ the places i've found, but i haven't looked very hard, to tell the truth. 4 burritos, my 1st choice is roadrunner burrito in greenbrae n' larkspur landing. well, la salsa in the village mall? the good thing 'bout it is that it's close to shopping, n' the village mall is pretty nice. the br here has lots'a good deals, i gotta say. they also have a j. crew here. well, back to the fud... it's all 'bout the fud here @, i tell ya. neway... i often get their special burrito of the day. yesterday's was eddiiiz burrito, as they call it. 'twas gr ... more
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