Roadrunner Burrito

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158 Bon Air Shopping Ctr

Greenbrae, CA


Category: Burritos

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May 17, 2000
Bernard H.
San Jose , California
205 reviews
roadrunner burrito: a marin county tradition since 2000... ha, 'least 4 me. i think it's been open 4 a while, of course. i just didn't know 'bout it. neway, roadrunner burrito is a burritoria in marin county. 2 locations: bon air shopping center in greenbrae n' larkspur landing. my favourite @ roadrunner is the chicken guadalupe burrito ($5.95): grilled chicken w/ asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, n' salsa. mmm... that's such a nice combination of vegetables! the shrimp burrito ($5.50) is also good w/ shrimp, red cabbage, rice, lettuce, salsa, n' "white sauce." hrm... what's that "white sauce"??? i dunno, but i like this burrito. well, these rn't cheap burritos, but what do u expect in marin county? a simple burritoria, nuthin' 2 fancy, yet just a li'l marin county gourmet touch...
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