Chef Ding

1 review

2214 S El Camino Real

San Mateo, CA


Category: Chinese

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July 17, 1998
Eiji H.
25 reviews
This is probably the best Chinese restaurant for the money I have ever visited. No hyperbole, no exaggeration. It's that good. My coworkers and I have visited most of the various Chinese restaurants in the area have come to love this place. We now go here every week almost religiously. The food is excellent especially if you like spicy dishes. Food can be prepared without meat if you ask, though they have straight veggie dishses too. Service is excellent. They're always attentive and incredibly friendly - gives a counterexample to the stereotypical rude and unfriendly Chinese wait staff at most other Chinese restaurants (like Silver House, Little Sichuan). Dishes are reasonably priced. Decor is so-so, but otherwise, awesome place.
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