Vegi Food

2 reviews

2085 Vine Street

Berkeley, CA


Category: Chinese, Vegetarian

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November 6, 2003
Alex M.
berkeley , California
51 reviews
i've never been to a vegan new age buddhist restaurant, but this place isn't bad... no meat so pretty much everything is going to be fried tofu. it isn't as good as the real thing, meat that is but my vegan friend swears by it. the time i went, i got tofu with vegebles in honey soy... and it was amazing!!!
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March 16, 1998
E R.
3 reviews
This restaurant is a Buddhist Chinese restaurant. They are strictly vegan and, in addition, serve food according to a Buddhist concept regarding some foods being offlimits due to either yin or yang energy, most notably garlic and onions. One would think that with the restrictions of being vegan and not serving garlic or onions would result in a limited menu, but this is not the case. The entrees are very flavorful, most notably the sweet and sour walnuts, which is so delicious, that one might want to save it for dessert! Also delighful is the mu shu veggies and the various soups. The reason I only give it three stars is that the decor is a little too modest, but that, of course, means the prices are incredibly low. You can stuff two people to bursting for under $25 in this place. Its also quiet, so you don't have to shout at your dining companion.
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