Coyote's Mexican Cafe

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408 El Camino Real

Redwood City, CA


Category: Mexican

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September 30, 1999
56939 reviews
I must admit to having a bias to this place sort of knowing the owner (and Keith - the perennial presence behind the counter) but the food is certainly above average. These days I always seem to for the BBQ Chicken Burrito, there is nothing like it at any other place Ive been, but the "standard" burrito is pretty good to. Friends who have been there with me tell me the tacos are very good as are some of the more 'interesting' dishes. Ive also been meaning to try the Jiffy Burrito (with chicken). Basically if you like T&B's you'll like Coyote's, and if you like good burritos you'll also like Coyote's
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