Moa Room

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688 Capp St

San Francisco, CA


Category: International

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November 10, 1997
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Moa Room is a new restaurant in the old space of Le Trou, a French restaurant that survived for a few years. First off, the disadvantages of Le Trou have carried over to Moa. The small size and thus the small kitchen makes for slow service - a problem with Le Trou. The tables are close together, and there are nothing but hard surfaces making for a very noisy space. Some ceiling insulation tiles or carpeting or hanging canvases - instead of large metal paintings, would dampen the excessive noise. The wait crew is pretty professional and try hard to make up for the slow kitchen. When we arrived shortly before our 9 p.m. reservation, we were told it would be a few minutes. We weren't seated until 9:30. The kitchen sent us two free appetizers right away to make up for the delay. Appetizers arrived quickly, but it took about 45 minutes for us to receive our main courses Our entire stay was about 3 hours! Aside from the slow service, and the noise, the food is quite good. Corn cakes wit ... more
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