S.F. Gourmet

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2128 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA


Category: Bistro

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January 16, 1996
56939 reviews
I think these guys are the wave of the future. I shop there all the time. It's perfect for hard working and/or busy people who are also conscious of what they put into their bodies. The food is very tasty, no additives or preservatives, fresh...and their salmon is to die for!! Unfortunately, it's take-out only although they informed me that their soon-to-be open MontClaire store will have Bistro style seating. They also have great prices on wine. I got a $25 bottle of Matanza's Creek for ONLY $18!!! They do a lot of lowfat/lo-cal stuff, even in divine desserts. All in all, they are definetly SF and definetly GOURMET!
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