Ubuibi Cafe

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2253-A Lincoln Avenue

Alameda, CA


Category: Contemporary

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January 11, 2000
56939 reviews
Located in a very hard to find spot - a cottage tucked behind a small house, near the Alameda Police Station - Ubuibi Cafe is very tiny but oddly comfortable. Proprietor and Chef Das offers a short menu of "slightly hip" comfort food which changes daily. I've dined there three times and the menu highlights were mixed greens and reds salad, cole slaw, catfish with noodles soup, turkey vegetable stew, chicken meatloaf sandwich, salmon salad sandwich, apricot and apple cobbler and white brownies. (That almost is the entire menu.) The chef also likes to play very unusual (though not too loud) music from what he calls his "UB Kitchens" sound system. (Basically, a CD player and his vast collection of "subculture" music and sounds.) Because of the out of the way location and limited hours (weekday lunch only), I don't know if Ubuibi Cafe will survive. The chef is more artist than business man. But I wish him well and I'll be back soon for another bite! more
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