Raw Living Foods

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1224 9th Ave

San Francisco, CA


Category: Vegetarian

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September 30, 1999
56939 reviews
This restaurant is one of those places you can take people for a truely California/San Francisco experience. As the name implies, all of the food here is uncooked. The closest they get to cooking things is sun drying the "crusts" for their "pizzas." The most processing their food gets is a trip through a blender of food processor. They specialize in fresh, vibrant ingrediants with interesting results. Sometimes they shoot for dishes similar to standard dishes like their pizzas or their pasta dishes with seaweed "noodles". Other dishes are truely unique to this restaurant, and their desserts are *very* interesting. I recommend at least one visit for adventuresome folks looking for a new experience. The prices are a bit steep for what one gets, but I consider the experience part of the price, so its still a good value for me.
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