Red Fox Inn Catering

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2 E. Washington St

Middleburg, VA


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July 26, 2012
Tina H E.
Ashburn , Virginia
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I'm a local here, whose mother remembers the this place from the 40s. The 'nice' people in old Loudoun County have always liked the Red Fox Tavern, but everybody knew it was for tourists. LOL Its a darling old stone building with low heavy-beamed ceilings, and dark aged wood. People love the atmosphere and the comfort of sturdy thick stone walls. In the winter the table near the fireplace becomes 'hot' property. Over the years the food has improved and now is quite good - now Nouveau American with a bit of fresh, maybe local, produce thrown in. I have enjoyed the meals there. And because I'm a local with old roots here, I will tell you: do not believe the sign on the building that says 'est. 1728' or whatever the year. Back in the day, the owner put that up to make fun of the historical hysteria of Loudoun wannabes and all the locals knew it was a joke. Back then Loudoun had the likes of the DuPonts, the Melons, Symington/Harris, [the Kennedys in the 60s], and other family names you mi ... more
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