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"Once a dining establishment or restaurant theme is duplicated or rubber stamped, its character is diminished exponentially with each cookie cutter copy of itself, which is opened, eventually becoming mired in the mediocrity of itself. A restaurant can have but one chef. Corporations have cooks. If the chef is not on the premises, all they have are cooks. I dine at restaurants, not corporations!" I do not dine where one has to shout to have a conversation. Craig W. Spitzberg
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Great Eastern Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Off the mediocre tourista Mecca of Grant Street, Great Eastern was recommended by a Chinese waiter at the (defunct) New Joe's. He said it was frequented by Chinese locals and sure enough, I was the only non-Chinese! Little if any English spoken, I st ... more
Indian Oven Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Best Indian food in SF. If you like your vindaloo nuclear, let them know not to hold back or they will pedestrianize it. Fabulous tandoori items. Go for the mixed tandoori appetiser. Friendly and competent waitstaff. Take a taxi, parking non-existant ... more
John's Grill San Francisco, CA
If you go for the experience, fine. Food not special. It's difficult to screw up steak! If you go for a steak, you're better entertained at Original Joe's.
Lichee Garden Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Go fo the dim sum. If you don't read or speak Chinese you won't be able to order off the menu. With the dim sum you can just point, smile, and nod! Considerably better than the tourist places on Grant Street.
McCormick & Kuleto's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I would not consider returning to this restaurant unless I was by myself and had good earplugs with me. I'd tell you about the food but you wouldn't be able to hear me!
Neptune's Palace San Francisco, CA
Being on Pier 39 one might expect this to be tourista and there are tourists, but this is an exception. Some of the best seafood in SF with a great view to match. Some of the best chowder in the city (Original Joe's not withstanding). Expensive but n ... more
New Delhi Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Not the best Indian food in SF, but perhaps the most unique setting! Bar in front has juke box that is easily heard from the dining room. Nothing like eating Vindaloo while you're listening to the Doors sing Light My Fire! Decent food and colorful me ... more
Original Joe's Italian Restaurant San Francisco, CA
If this wasn't "original" it could well be retro! Booth seating with food counter. Sit at the counter and marvel at the chefs preparing the dishes. Great sourdough bread starts things off (duh!) Admirable Italian food but the steaks are a surprise! E ... more
Pine Crest Restaurant San Francisco, CA
If you?re staying in the vicinity of Union Square, this is a fun place to have breakfast. Sit at the counter and watch the cooks and waitresses do their thing! Watch 20 pounds of hash browns go on the grill. How do they keep those over easy eggs from ... more
Antares Atop Reunion Tower Dallas, TX
Well prepared (although generally overpriced) American food presented with flare and good service. Most however, go for the view and the revolving aspects. If that?s the case, one is better off going to the Nana Grill. You?ll get a more exciting menu ... more
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  • Level Level 7

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