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Restaurant Name City
La Charreada Mexican Restrnt Marion, IN
Good mexican food, and okay service. Good place to go for authentic mexican food.
Tu Your Door Pizza Marion, IN
This is a really good pizza place. Not your average national chain pizza place. Good food and reasonable prices.
Birds Rotisserie Chicken Cafe & Bar Los Angeles, CA
Nice food, great service, and great food. A great place to visit if you're on vacation.
Cracker Barrell Marion, IL
This place has okay food in my opinion. I haven't had anything there yet that would be my favorite, but be sure to check out the gift shop.
Icehouse Marion, IN
This is a nice place for a dinner or a drink. It's a sports bar kind of atmosphere with lots of tv's and memorabilia. Prices are okay too.
Herschberger Essen Haus Converse, IN
This is a great litte place! The food is excellent and the service is great. The food has a very home cooked feel, and the atmosphere is nice.
Ivanhoe's Upland, IN
This is a great place for ice cream! They have a excellent selection of ice cream flavors. They also have good food too. Since it is in a college town, it is almost always busy, especially on weekends.
B K Rootbeer Gas City, IN
They have great root beer! It's a great place for a cold root beer and a hot dog on a hot summer day.
Flores Mexican Food Gas City, IN
This place has great mexican food. It is a nice place and has a nice atmosphere.
Burritos As Big As Your Head Muncie, IN
This place is like most mexican place when it comes to their menu, but the food is much better. Very unique name too.
  • Location Jonesboro, IN

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 95