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iam into alot of food esp mexican
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El Gaucho Seattle, WA
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Flapjacks Seattle, WA
Great for working near it. it is a local gathering place for people working. it has good coffee and great muffins! i would recommend anyone to go there.
El Gaucho Seattle, WA
Wow, it is nice. though it is more like 40-50 ala carte. so the bill ends up at about 50-60 a person with a basic meal. it is exceptional though. my steak was superb. the service was amazing, i would love to go back there once i save up enough money.
Gabby's Irish House & Grill Spokane, WA
THis is a great place to come and eat some good irish food in a good irish setting. guinness on tap and great irish music playing all the time.
Moon's Mongolian Grill Spokane, WA
hi, well mongolian beef here could quite possibly be my favorite dish, you should definitely try it when you go here. it is priced reasonably and the food is excellent
Casa De Oro Spokane, WA
i liked this place though it is a few dollars over what mexican food usually costs. they have really good burritos though.
Domini Sandwiches Spokane, WA
this is one of my favorite spots to get a sandwich. i love it here. they have a killer roast beef sandwich you should definitely partake in
Wolf Lodge Steakhouse Spokane, WA
they have en exceptional porter house cut that is think and juicy. the prices here are also good considering it is anice steak place to eat.
Shogun Restaurant Spokane, WA
wow! this place as very nice and a great experience. it is genuine hang prepared food. very well presented and it tastes as authentic and as good as if you were in japan.
Zip's Drive In Spokane, WA
its great being in spokane with all these drive ins, its a total throw back and i love it. wish i could come here all the time.
  • Location seattle, WA

  • Level Level 8

  • Points 1930