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King of King Restaurant Oakland, CA
We know SF has a new Chinatown but how many know Oakland has evolved a new Chinatown. This places does reall good dim sum and Chinese BBQ and bakery. Prices are low, typical Oakland. The kitchen seems to have control over all their dim sum. Very good ... more
Chef Edwards Bar-B-Que Oakland, CA
New high-rise construction forced a micro-move on the other side of the street (now at 1915 San Pablo Av). The new place is a great diner theme, all stainless steel and retro. It is my first time. The BBQ blew me away. Meats were sloooow cooked, tend ... more
Windy City Pizza San Mateo, CA
I too was very impressed with the thin style crust of a medium sized pizza. On another occasion, I had a large pizza (thin crust) and it was good but not quite as wonderful. The toppings are just great. There are beers on tap. BBQ meats. The owner an ... more
Lana's Sandwiches Oakland, CA
I think the name Lana has stuck but this is a dish em out Chinese fast food place. I ordred off the board because I didn't want the ready-made food in a bin. My "wor won ton" was actually assembed from smaller bins to the side. Sigh, it ... more
Avatar's Sausalito, CA
Excellent casual dining. You get creative dishes in a very low key family friendly setting. Not only is the food very good, you can specifiy and taylor order your dishes. I liked the fact that the B&W prints on the wall pay homage to very humble ... more
Manivanh Thai Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Granted, the area is very run down. However, don't judge this restaurant by its neighborhood. Manivanh. This is a great little Thai place. The curry dish, the mixed veggie w/ tofu, the #1 rolls, and fried noodle dish were all unique and all tasty ... more
Cafe Italia Davis, CA
The beauty of "smaller" towns, is that you can actually find old-fashoned family restaurants, not a businesses in the business of being a throwback to a family restaurants. It is homey. I ordered the veal parmasean and pasta dinner entree. ... more
Yummy Restaurant Hayward, CA
Chinese food old style! The staff perfers to speak to you in Cantonese but English works. The value is generous. I like to order the Wor Won Ton for lunch. I ask for a little dish of yellow mustard on the side. Yummmy. There is a lunch special menu f ... more
Betelnut Pejiu Wu San Francisco, CA
I was not impressed with the flavors of all dishes. There is an over-reliance of salt and oil to make the food taste flavorful. Betelnut is a fun spot so you can go for a social meal. The best item was the Hefeweizen beer on tap. Some of the dishes c ... more
The Spice Islands Cafe Mountain View, CA
This is a pretty good choice for taking the family out. The food is varied enough so there is something for everyone. Kids loved the breads. We adults liked the curry dishes and other offerings. The place is a bit dark but Okay.
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