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Thai Inter Restaurant New Haven, CT
A wonderful and elegant place to dine the thai International restaurant is a tasty alternative for thai food. The service is wonderful, and the prices are moderate. The serving sizes are medium for the entrees. I reccommend the squid appetizer, al ... more
Viva Zapata New Haven, CT
One of the better Mexican places, around the area. I was shocked to see no Burritos on the menu!!!! They have many other dishes that are up to par though. They are in a convenient location in New Haven. Especially for Yalies. The salsa is won ... more
Mongolian Barbeque Phoenix, AZ
Mongolian bbq's are great! There is just no place like it. I love being able to pick out the stuff that I want from this heaping buffet, and then have the cook prepare it for me. It always tastes so good... It's amazing. I also am very very ... more
Dynasty Szechuan Stamford, CT
Good Szechuan food, almost right on as far as authenticity goes. Very good service and nice atmosphere. Big portions of very very well spiced food. Szechuan food is know for it's spiceiness. Some entrees can be extremely hot in flavor. They no ... more
Crab Shell Stamford, CT
Great Seafood, yes the restaurant will be busy. I found the scenery to be quite nice however. Location is also a plus. Service was exceptional. They serve almost everything under the sun. They also have beer + wine. It was a semi-formal type of ... more
Curley's Diner Stamford, CT
Curley's Diner, like the name is a very cute little diner. You can varitably find anything that you want on the menu. The service and atmosphere is very friendly. The location is easy to get to. Desserts are fabulous, as well as sandwiches, and ... more
Pasta Plus Cheshire, CT
The food here is mama mia excellent. They make their own pasta, and the taste of it can not be beat. They have this wonderful atmosphere. you can smell fresh bread and the tasty sauce when, you walk through the door, everythng on the menu sounds, ... more
Adams Mill Restaurant Manchester, CT
Less busy than the one in Cambridge, but the same type of atmosphere, Very nice elegant seating. As well as casual counter type seating. It is fairly expensive, but the beer is sensational. Meals can range from average fare to fabulous entrees. D ... more
John Harvard's Brew House Manchester, CT
Much less crowded than the location in Cambridge, but still can become packed on weekends. Very nice comfy type atmosphere. Dining area with nice wood tables is comfy. Sometimes finding seating can take a while though. If you don't mind sitting on ... more
Mill On the River South Windsor, CT
I find the Mill on the River to be an excellent place to dine. They have mant different rooms, all with a charming atmosphere, and a great view outdoors. On Sunday's do not miss their brunch buffet. For the small price of 12.95 you may have 2 dri ... more
  • Location New Britain, CT

  • Level Level 7

  • Points 1015