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I absolutely love to eat out. I eat out 7-10 times a week and reviewing restaurants has become a life-long hobby. I love because nothing is screened out. You get true opinions of the customers that eat there. I grew up in dining in Northern California and Orange County.
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The Slanted Door San Francisco, CA
The food was pretty and so were the people. Great bar scene. Wasn't as excited about the food as I thought I'd be for the price.
Skylight Cafe Alameda, CA
This restaurant has gone out of business and has been replaced by a mediterrean place named Pappas.
East Ocean Seafood Restaurant Alameda, CA
After moving back to the Bay Area, I'm glad to see this restaurant is still here and doing quite well. The food is still great. I like that dim sum can be ordered from a menu everyday. Sometimes I just stop by for quick dim sum lunch. This is ... more
Emerald Garden Vietnamese Rest Alameda, CA
I remember this being a good little restaurant. After returning to the area, we had a very disappointing visit here. On a Thursday night, we were the only table in the restaurant. We only ordered noodle soup, so we would have thought it would be a ... more
Skylight Cafe Alameda, CA
This restaurant seems to have lost it's popularity in Alameda as new places have opened up. I have been eating here sporatically over the years and the food is still great. The service is quite casual and never pretentious. I go here when I ... more
Sushi House Alameda, CA
We ate at this restaurant right before it moved into it's new location at South Shore. We have tried several times to get into the new location, but there is always a huge line out front and the wait is horrendous. I've given up trying as t ... more
Kamakura Restaurant Alameda, CA
I have eaten at this restaurant for many years and it has had many ups and downs. I've noticed a much shorter wait here since the new location of Sushi House has opened. It may be good that there is some competition in Alameda as it has pushed ... more
Los Alamitos Fish Company Los Alamitos, CA
I recently ate at the Fish Company with some friends and was pleasantly surprised. They had the best claim chowder I've had in years. The large bowl of chowder that comes with dinner was large enough to be a meal in itself. The steak and shrimp we ... more
Little Hong Kong Restaurant El Cerrito, CA
When visiting the Bay Area recently, I discovered this restaurant had reopened just down the street from where they used to be. I had been crushed when they closed. I had feared I would never eat the most addicting dish (prawn & egg chow fun) I've ... more
Philippe, the Original Los Angeles, CA
This restaurant really was original. It claims to be one of the oldest and best known restaurants in Southern California being established in 1908. They also claim creating the french dip sandwich. I had to try it and it was quite tasty. When you ... more
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