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Swagat India Cuisine Milpitas, CA
Went there for dinner and the food was excellent and the portion were large. A really good deal given their low prices. A good selection of breads and the South Indian special seemed to be in great demand while I was there. The staff is patient ... more
White Lotus San Jose, CA
I third, or is that fourth, the vote for the eggplant claypot. A bit on the salty side (but I'm used to a low salt diet) but very, very tasty. The spring rolls are good, too. I also had the pickled mustard greens (I was aiming for the green beans ... more
The Empress Of India Santa Clara, CA
Just trust the capable cook. Choose vegetarian or meat eater. I've never been disappointed by the food. Oh, and make sure you eat everything on your plate or the owner, Jean will be quite upset with you.
Mongolian B.B.Q. Santa Clara, CA
The select is fresh and for the price, you can't beat it. It's also all you can eat, which is an extra bonus.
Arthur's Restaurant Santa Clara, CA
I felt like I was eating hotel restaurant food. Not very exciting, but probably good for those boring lunch business meetings.
Happi House Restaurant Fremont, CA
Dirty tables. Terrible looking food. Whatever this places serves, it's not Japanese. And, to add insult to injury, it's expensive.
Pizza Chicago Santa Clara, CA
Mmmm....Now that's good pizza. Then again, I've always been a fan of the unusual pizza. The Al Bundy is good for those pesto lovers.
China Stix Restaurant Santa Clara, CA
Good Chinese food. We seem to go here for lunch a lot. They're good about accomodating large groups.
Tay Viet San Francisco, CA
The food here is very tasty, although the portions a bit on the smallish side. Be prepared to have a very leisurely meal. Since I had plans afterward, I was in a bit of a rush, but the waiter was accomodating. The place itself is rather interesti ... more
Cafe Marimba San Francisco, CA
Very good truly authentic Mexican food. Restaurant signs says that they're open unitl they close. A nice place to eat after strolling up and down Chestnut Street.
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