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Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
The high décor splendor immediately surrounding guests at Tado Steakhouse reminds me of a quieter, simpler era when people took their time to savor foods, cherish relationships, and be and act like overall great individuals; of course, things are co ... more
Red Cow Saint Paul, MN
Five extended family members drove 20 minutes straight from Woodbury until we parked our vehicle and sat down on an outside table in the Selby Ave’s Red Cow restaurant mostly sunny and pleasant setting of Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, last Sun ... more
Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
We have to be sincere in these and all other types of reviews, later published for the general public to consume. Do I really have any deeply-seated interest discussing how my overall experience related to food intake at any given restaurant has been ... more
Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
This is one in a series of literary personal assessments / critiques about the locale conditions encountered and the personnel performance observed while dining at Welch, Minnesota, USA, Treasure Island Resort & Casino’s Tado Steakhouse. My overall ... more
Tado Steakhouse Welch, MN
Having previously been informed that grilled scallops wasn’t on Tado Steakhouse’s finely crafted menu outside of their teppanyaki-style listed food item, Deb made a few days later a further inquiry into this critical matter and she was told now t ... more
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