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Houston's Shawnee Mission, KS
Very long wait, but worth it! The food is great, and so is the service. I had a grilled chicken sandwich that was absolutely delicious. And their spinach dip is wonderful!
Mulan Chinese Restaurant Osawatomie, KS
This restaurant has a fabulous buffet. The food is amazing -- especially the Canton Chicken. The waitstaff is exceptionally pleasant. You wouldn't expect to find such delicious Chinese food in a tiny Kansas town! :-)
Route 66 Restaurant Clinton, OK
This is a really crappy looking restaurant that has good food and a very good waitstaff. Don't let the looks fool you! The people here are very pleasant and fun, and the food is quite good. Nothing spectacular on the menu, just good homestyle c ... more
Wong's Restaurant Clinton, OK
My husband and I only went here once. The food was cold, the portions were small (which was probably a GOOD thing, since the food was basically tasteless), and the people working there were snotty! Once was all it took for us. Hopefully they'll ge ... more
Chartroose Caboose Shawnee Mission, KS
The Philly Steak subs at this restaurant are to die for! This is one of those walk up to the counter, shout your order, pay and carry it to your table yourself places, which I don't much care for, but the food here makes it worthwhile. Very tas ... more
Hereford House Shawnee Mission, KS
When our boss is paying, this is where everyone at the office wants to go! The steaks are drop dead fabulous. The sauces are out of this world. It's a little pricey for me, but then if my boss would pay me what I'm worth, maybe I'd take HER th ... more
Winstead's Shawnee Mission, KS
Hey... it's fast food, what do you want? The food is okay -- the french fries are qutie good. The cheeseburgers are good. If you're looking for atmosphere or gourmet dining, you're in the wrong place, but if you just want to grab a decent meal ... more
Landmark Restaurant Osawatomie, KS
The food is okay, but the service is usually very slow. Pretty run of the mill.
Spurs (Smoke N Hope) Osawatomie, KS
This restaurant is under new management and is now called Spurs. Decent food and nice people working there.
Joe's Crab Shack Olathe, KS
The food is good, but it takes FOREVER to get in!!!! Only for seafood lovers -- the rest of the food is awful. BUT if you like seafood, as I do, then you'll enjoy this food.
  • Location Osawatomie, KS

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 120