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Bridge Towne Ice Cream Parlor Bridgeton, NJ
Last time I visited the Bridge Towne Ice Cream Parlor was about 4 years ago when I lived in Bridgeton. The building was renovated for an early 1900's look. The interior was given a victorian parlor look. The ice cream was good and the prices a little ... more
Golden Pigeon Bridgeton, NJ
This is definately diner food but it comes in large portions and is owned by a greek family and so has a greek twist to it. The service is good and they are always busy.
Bridge Water Pub Bridgeton, NJ
Renovated about 5 years ago, like other restaurants in the city of Bridgeton, it has an early 1900's victorian look. It is cheerful and even has a cheers bar. Like the show, everyone knows your name, when you go shopping, who you were seen with...(it ... more
Cheng's Restaurant Sterling, VA
Always enjoy eating here. The food is quite good, the service is great and the atmosphere is very good. The koi pond in the center of the restaurant is fun and if you ask, they will bring you food to feed the koi when you have a table next to it. ... more
China King Restaurant Sterling, VA
I will order take-out from here because the food is good and it is close to my house. the restaurant is clean and the service is good. They are polite and customer oriented.
Joe's Crab Shack Sterling, VA
If you like crab legs...this is the place. You will never tire of looking around at all the fun stuff hanging from the walls and ceiling and the waiters/waitrresses actually seem to be having a lot of fun working. It is a little too loud for my ... more
Logan's Roadhouse Restaurant Sterling, VA
Hopefully, they have changed cooks since they first opened. I ordered a steak and even after I sent one back, the next one wasn't any better. The service was great and the place is a bit loud. I would have to go back and re-check them out before ... more
Pacific Sterling, VA
A little pricey but really great service and food. I enjoy all the different types of asian food and the presentation is very good to say the least. A great place for a business luncheon and also great place for a romantic dinner for two. Th ... more
That's Amore Sterling, VA
I only have great stuff to say about this place. I love the look of the restaurant, the service and the food is the best. This is my absolute favorite family restaurant. It has a feel of family and they really treat you great. I like pas ... more
Glory Days Grill Sterling, VA
If you aren't a sports guy (and I'm not), I don't suggest that you go here. There are TV's on sports channels (who knew there were so many) and everything is about sports. Not a place for the average family. The burgers there are good and you ge ... more
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