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i can't cook. once i caught my cornflakes on fire, i knew that i was destined to be one that eats out. a lot. i've also been to every incorporated city in the state of oregon (and most unincorporated ones), so i'm kinda all over the map. this is mostly because i find myself continuously moving to different cities in order to be with my girlfriend d' semester. anyone that takes my reviews seriously should have a serious talking to, as restaurants usually lose a star for stupid things like having bourgeoisie dishes such as seared rabbit with cranberry chutney. don't get me wrong. i like chutney and all, it's just that the last thing i want to do is feel uncomfortable in a restaurant because the waiter is laughing at me because i ordered a pinot gris with my friggin' cordon bleu, you know? also, any type of cuisine that has the word "california" in it is out. no california rolls, california seafood, california chicken salad whatzits, nothing. c'mon people. southern california is not a culture, it's a place where you change planes on your way to paraguay and the birthplace of richard nixon. i know that this laid-back-yet-stand-off-ish attitude limits my enjoyment of certain places, but at least i'm not a vegetarian. those people can really freak you out.
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Restaurant Name City
Studio One Cafe Eugene, OR
Finding a nice breakfast spot in Eugene is like trying to find a Jewell CD at a dance party. Although this place is very pricey and the service is slower than real maple syrup, the food makes up for it more often than not. They have the best, and m ... more
West Bros. Bar-B-Que Eugene, OR
West brothers has a very eclectic selection of what I call Northwest Southern cuisine, and a casual--almost campy--atmosphere. They have a great "jamaica me crazy" dish of jerked chicken and coconut rice for about 12 bucks that I try about every mon ... more
Ye Olde Castle Burns, OR
Family-themed restaurant gone horribly awry on the Eastern Oregon tip. Since this is in Burns, expect to eat steak. Lots and lots of steak
Madison's Bar & Grill Portland, OR
Why is it that everytime I walk in here I feel like I'm in a poorly-themed restaurant in Phoenix or Tucson? From the wine list to the waitress, this place feels like suburban Tempe for some odd reason. The only thing Northwesterly here is the Mt. H ... more
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant San Jose, CA
Gordon Biersch is in my top ten reasons why southern california should fall into the sea. Since i am from oregon and am therefore synonymously better than everyone below the the oregon border, i find this place to be utterly vomit-inducing. any wai ... more
Tugboat Brewery Portland, OR
This place doesn't belong in this neighborhood. just across the street from the 24-hour church of elvis, and just seconds away from mary's strip club, one would expect a total dive. but no. this place is cleaner than a mcmenamins. they always hav ... more
Arbor Cafe Salem, OR
Although I've never been here during dinner time, I'm pretty convinced this is the best place in downtown Salem for lunch. They have a rediculous selection of gourmet-style sandwiches that all have their own distinct taste. It's a casual-style dini ... more
Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplins Troutdale, OR
You have to love a place that has the word "dumplings" in its name. Well, i guess you don't HAVE to, but you should love this place. It smells like your grandmother's house on the day after Thanksgiving, but it feels like you're out in the woods ev ... more
Dot's Cafe Portland, OR
First off, I'd like to say that the cook looks exactly like Dirk Diggler from "Boogie Nights." This is mostly an evening munchie place for the eastsiders that serves food that you could cook yourself if you spent any time at home. They have grilled ... more
La Cruda Portland, OR
Can you say free salsa bar!?! This cafe-sized intimate americanized mexican place makes up in fun what it lacks in flavor (and taste, if you ever see the leopard-skin-coated bathrooms). The whole place is decorated like an episode of "Friends" if i ... more
  • Location portland, OR

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 510