Chiaw Fei L.

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Just a girl who loves to eat great food.
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Restoran Hock Mun Johor Bahru, Johor
Hock Mun has a variety of dim sum to choose from. The place has a great ambiance and the food, totally filling. Their service is fast they have a great price range. The taste of their dim sum is very fragrant and is well made. You will be sure to rec ... more
Pho Hoa Noodle Soup Malate, Manila
The food is simply superb! It might look pricey but it isn't really. It's completely affordable and you get full tummy satisfaction. The restaurant's position in the mall is open which I mean that it isn't inside a glass case. I think this is terrifi ... more
Bonitos Los Banos, Laguna
What can I say, the place offers great food! A must-try is their tomato surprise it will surely surprise you! You don't have to wear anything fancy to get in. The place is very cozy with pretty dim lighting. I absolutely adore their pastas and rice m ... more
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  • Location Paete, Laguna

  • Age 21

  • Gender Female

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 33