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Straits Cafe San Francisco, CA
With the same money you spend, I would suggest you visit Palo Alto branch since decor & service is much better there than in SF. Indian bread w/ curry sauce and blackpepper mussels are two of my favorite starters. One also suggest if you like the f ... more
Boulevard San Francisco, CA
I have to agree with SF Fruitfly.....this place is wonderful! we were totally satisfied throughout the whole experience except for the pricy check we got :p I have to say they got excellent wine list even by the glass. We all had cocktails b4 m ... more
Asia SF San Francisco, CA
Highly Recommend if you prefer small plate and free entertainment. Service is friendly and the food is good. I'll say a bit pricy on each entree consider the amount of food you get. However, in general, this is a place that worth of going once or ... more
Isobune Sushi Burlingame, CA
The nigiris range from $1.70 - $3.00/plate, so an average cost for a person will be $20+. The best way to ensure that you get the freshest pieces is to ask sushi chefs to do a special order for you. The boats are attractive, but some pieces can ... more
Zachary's Chicago Pizza Berkeley, CA
Nice pizza, esp. the specialities. However, the waiting time is too long (seating, ordering etc.)Reservation is highly recommend. I like its chicken deep dish a lot.
House of Prime Rib San Francisco, CA
At beginning, I thought this is a great restaurant for meat eater; however, after few other experiences in places such as Morton's & Ruth Chris, I should be honest by saying that the food is actually 'ok', so does the service. The prime rib is pr ... more
B44 San Francisco, CA
This restaurant features the best paellas that I ever had. One must try its B44 & Cazadora. Although both are paellas, they are very different in taste. B44 also has very tasty tapas at pretty fair price - everything is less than $8. Dishes ... more
The Cakery Burlingame, CA
This is my best friend's favorite cake place; therefore, I ordered a Teramisu on her birthday and it was great!! Beautiful decoration with delicious taste! Can't say better for their chocolate products. Most of the cakes are very decorative so the p ... more
Yakiniku House Juban Burlingame, CA
Expect to pay $50 for an average adult if you want to have a nice, complete meal with a beer or two, and dessert, of course. I won't recommend trying its premium beef (the one that costs $40 for 12 thin slices of beef); instead, one should go with t ... more
El Quijote Larkspur, CA
This restaurant locates in an unique building, like a factory. The spanish cuisine is a very traditional one since the chef is from Spain. This place also features Flamingo performance every Friday & Saturday evening, reservation is always recommen ... more
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